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How to submit a visa complaint

You can submit a visa complaint with the relevant authority. Kindly note that the type of complaint is important in this regard, as the responsible authority may vary.

Appeals regarding visa case decisions

If your query concerns the decision of a visa/residence permit case, e.g. in the event of a refusal, you are kindly asked to follow the procedure in your letter of decision. In this instance, your complaint should always be directed to the Danish Immigration Service, as they are the competent authority in dealing with visa and residence permit appeals.
When contacting the Danish Immigration Service, please use their contact form on the following website

If it is not possible for you to use the contact form you can send your appeal by letter to the

Danish Immigration Service
Farimagsgade 51A
DK-4700 Næstved.

NB: Please note that a power of attorney is usually requested, if you are not the applicant him/herself.

Other types of visa and residence permit complaints:

If your query involves other types of complaints, you are asked to fill out the below contact form below.

Complaints received directly at the missions and at the ministry will not be answered before the contact form is filled out. This is to ensure that all necessary information is collected, that the information is sent through secure communication and to make sure the complaint goes through the appropriate channels.

Depending on the caseload and complexity of your complaint, you can normally expect an answer within a maximum of 5-7 working days. Should other parties need to be involved with you query, this will happen accordingly. Kindly refrain from sending multiple messages with the same complaint.

Kindly note that your query must be in either English or Danish.

How we process your personal data

Processing of data in relation to your application

Processing of data in relation to your invitation of a visa application (in Danish)


Please fill in your visa complaint in the form below

I accept the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark's personal data politics