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Aid schemes - Humanitarian organisations

Every year, Denmark contributes at least DKK 1.5 billion to the relief of humanitarian disasters around the world. The aid is provided through the UN system's humanitarian organisations, including the UNHCR, the World Food Programme (WFP) and UNICEF, the Red Cross Movement, as well as through Danish civil society organisations.
From 2010, an increasing share of Danish humanitarian aid is provided through multi-annual partnership agreements with various humanitarian partners, including UN agencies and Danish civil society organisations.

The partnership agreements provide a framework for allocating funds for interventions in selected, longer-term humanitarian crises. In addition, they contain emergency pools that enable partners to respond quickly and effectively to acute humanitarian situations, both through emergency operations and, for some organisations, through the deployment of emergency experts to support the overall international response.  

Partnership agreements are concluded only with organisations that have proven experience, expertise and capacity to deliver humanitarian assistance in the often very difficult circumstances of complex humanitarian crises.

In addition, both core contributions and emergency grants are provided through international humanitarian organisations.

You can read more about the different types of support on the sub-pages.