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Evaluation of Danish Support to Promotion and Protection of Human Rights 2006-2016

For decades, support to promotion and protection of human rights has been a priority for Denmark in both foreign policy as well as an integral part of development cooperation. This evaluation provides an overview of results of Danish policy initiatives and development cooperation on human rights protection and promotion from 2006-2016. The evaluation concentrates on two specific areas of Danish support to human rights; rule of law and better access to justice, and freedom from torture.

The evaluation finds that Denmark has applied a distinct approach to the promotion and protection of human rights, based on values, long-term commitment to international human rights standards with focus on partnership and focus on both rights-holders and duty-bearers. This is particularly evident in Denmark’s support to freedom from torture, where Denmark has been a key actor in promoting and sponsoring resolutions within the UN normative framework. The evaluation also finds that Rule of Law and better access to justice has been a key element in Danish development cooperation and has contributed to building capacity of legal systems in partner countries.

The evaluation is supplemented by a comprehensive portfolio analysis of Danish support to human rights to be found below.

Download the report, summary, management response and portfolio analysis (PDF)

Evaluation report

Summary in Danish 

Management response

Portfolio analysis


PublisherEvaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark
AuthorNordic Consulting Group