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Annex 2 - Denmark's development activities in Burkina Faso

General Budget Support
Denmark has provided general budget support to the implementation of Burkina Faso’s Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) since 2005. The 2008-2012 programme has an overall budget of 275 million DKK, of which 225 million DKK is earmarked for general budget support in two annual tranches: An 80 pct. tranche based on an evaluation of the macroeconomic situation, of general improvement in the implementation of the PRS and of public finance management reforms; and a 20 pct. tranche linked specifically to improvement on one or more indicators for the fight against corruption. The programme also supports public finance management reforms and “watchdog” civil society organisations that are fighting corruption and promoting budget transparency. A new macroeconomic programme for 2012-15 has been approved with a total budget of 230 million DKK where 213 million DKK will be provided in general budget support. This new programme continues to support the “watchdog” civil society organisations as well as promotes green growth in national and local development strategies.

Support to Good Governance
Denmark has supported good governance activities in Burkina Faso through a number of years; as of 2008 in a larger programme. The Programme has a budget of 130 million DKK (2008-2013) and supports public institutions and civil society organisations working with decentralisation, human rights, democracy, and gender equality. A new programme for support to good governance will be elaborated in 2012-13.

Support to the Agricultural sector
Denmark has supported the agricultural sector since 1992 and the first sector programme was started in 2000. In receipt years, the focus in the Danish cooperation has shifted towards the private sector, however with a continued focus on supporting the development of a national agriculture sector programme and with support for public sector infrastructure. The 2006-2013 programme of 285 million DKK is replaced by a new programme in 2013 with a budget of 380 million DKK over a five year period (2013-2018). The new programme will seek to create economic growth through a strengthening of the productivity and competitiveness for very small, small and medium sized enterprises within selected value chains through a) strengthened advisory services, improved access to credit and strengthening of interest organisations, and b) improved juridical and political framework conditions as well as the development of public infrastructure beneficial for the selected value chains.

Support to the Water and Sanitation sector
The current support for water and sanitation is the largest of the Danish sector programmes in Burkina Faso with 450 million DKK over a six year period from 2010-2015. Denmark provides sector budget support for the national programme for water and sanitation as well as technical assistance to the ministry in charge of the provision of water and sanitation. Denmark also supports the establishment of an integrated water resource management system – through a basket fund in collaboration with other development partners. Water committees are being established in the five water basins of Burkina Faso with the objective of preparing sustainable and effective water sharing plans for water users. 

Support to the Education Sector
The education sector in Burkina Faso has formed part of the Danish country programme since 2004. The bilateral assistance to the sector is, however, currently being phased out in order to be replaced by an increased Danish support to multilateral institutions working with education. Denmark supports primary education and alphabetisation through basket funds with other development partners. Denmark also supports the elaboration of innovative vocational training methods that seek to provide a better link between the private sector needs and the design of the training system. The phasing out programme is for 2010-2014 with a budget of 75 million DKK.

Other Support
Denmark supports business partnerships between Danish and Burkinabe businesses through commercial instruments and the Danida Business Partnership Programme. Culture programmes and cultural exchange between Burkina Faso and Denmark are also supported. Denmark supports the fight against hiv/aids in Burkina Faso within a programme of 70 million DKK (2007-2012). Through the Local Grant Authority, the Danish Embassy in Burkina Faso is also capable of responding quickly to emerging needs – whether these are needs in connection with a crisis situation or innovative activities that need to be piloted before other larger programmes can pick up where the pilot projects stop.