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Denmark-Mali Country Policy Paper 2016-2021

The overall vision for Denmark’s partnership with Mali is that the people of Mali enjoy sustainable peace and development, underpinned by an inclusive and legitimate state with respect for human rights.

To achieve the vision, Denmark will expand and consolidate its comprehensive, integrated and strong partnership with Mali within three mutually reinforcing strategic objectives in line with key Malian policy and development documents, including the Algiers Peace Agreement, Danish policy priorities related to addressing poverty and fragility, economic growth and irregular immigration, as well as key EU strategic documents and plans for Mali and the Sahel:

  • Promotion of peaceful coexistence and increased stability and security
  • Strengthened democratic and inclusive governance
  • Increased inclusive and sustainable economic growth

Recognising that political, security, social and economic progress is interdependent, the integrated stabilisation approach for Denmark´s engagement in fragile and conflict-affected areas will provide strategic direction during the pursuit of the overall vision. It is a conflict sensitive whole of government approach that builds s experiences in similar situations. It will help ensure the effective and balanced use of the instruments available, including development cooperation taking into account the cohesion of the country. The approach will serve to ensure policy coherence and joined up strategies within a regional perspective where relevant, while preserving the independence, neutrality and impartiality of humanitarian assistance. The approach will address key underlying drivers of conflict, irregular and forced migration and violent extremism etc. in the Malian context.

February 2022: In light of the political developments in Mali, parts of Denmark's engagement in the country are temporarily suspended.