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Executive Summary

Tanzania has shown significant progress since the country gained its independence in 1961. Even though Tanzania is a low income country, it has prioritised the development of social sectors, such as access to clean water, health services and especially primary education.

Productive sectors such as agriculture and private sector driven growth have previously not been given priority. Therefore, growth in the productive sectors has had difficulties keeping pace with Tanzania’s high level of population growth.

The results in Tanzania emphasise that investments in people and human development demand a long time horizon, not least in a country like Tanzania, with its low starting point. There are still many reasons for continued close cooperation between Denmark and Tanzania. The previous cooperation has laid a solid foundation for a strong future partnership, which in the future will include new areas such as economic diplomacy and political cooperation in international forums on important issues such as anti-piracy, democracy and security.

Much has been accomplished in the cooperation, and the trust, that has been built up over the past 50 years has given Denmark a unique position with regard to maintaining the role as an active partner, which in cooperation with Tanzania is working to support the development goals set by Tanzania.

The country policy paper for Tanzania 2014-2018 has been extended until 2021. It is available from the links below. 

Country Policy Paper Tanzania 2014-2021

Go to Danish Version: Policy Paper Tanzania 2014-2021