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Sustainable Growth

People born in Bangladesh, Kenya, and Mexico should grow up with sustainable and responsible growth. They should have access to energy, clean water, and health. They should experience growth with jobs that provide them and their children with education, health, and a good environment for coming generations. Denmark can contribute with knowledge and technology to link sustainable growth with human rights and social responsibility

The Sustainable Development Goals are a collective commitment. Denmark supports new partnerships between authorities, business, investors and civil society to create responsible and sustainable growth and development that would otherwise not take place. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports funding, catalyses new partnerships, and creates a framework for mobilising investments by business and pension funds.

Sustainable, responsible growth and employment creates opportunities for individuals and the world. Developing and transition countries face a number of choices in their social development pathway, which can increase global prosperity. Denmark can serve as a showcase for sustainable solutions. We can promote sustainable growth and employment in developing and growth countries and build upon our international experience and competencies.

Partnerships between civil society, authorities, and business will help ensure sustainable development and promote the Sustainable Development Goals. Denmark supports the development of the private sector in developing countries, and Danish companies play an important role as supplier, partner, and investor.

Denmark and a number of partner countries have established the “Partnership for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030” (P4G). P4G develops partnerships that contribute to sustainable and responsible growth in developing countries and globally. P4G was launched in September 2017. Denmark is hosting the first annual P4G summit on 19-20 October 2018. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is collaborating with business, civil society, trade unions, and institutional investors, and is involving companies directly in the development work.


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