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The SDGs and Business Opportunities

A new report zooms in on how the Sustainable Development Goals can lead to business opportunities for Danish businesses worth up to 400 billion DKK towards 2030. The report encourages Danish businesses to also explore business opportunities in emerging and frontier markets. These countries have the largest needs - and with increasing growth,  actual demand is expected to follow.

Developing innovative, sustainable solutions is necessary in order to realise the large business potential while delivering on the SDGs. Sustainability and innovation is at the centre of Danish business DNA. Danish businesses should make the most of this frontrunner position and bring the SDGs in to their core business.

In order to utilise the full potential of the SDGs, Danish businesses are encouraged to also explore business opportunities in emerging and frontier markets, where the growth on average is twice as large as in traditional, Danish export markets. Emerging and frontier markets are characterised by large needs and with large economic growth, these needs are expected to transform into actual demand for sustainable solutions. Danish businesses could benefit from focusing on countries with a Danish embassy and access their expertise and network.

The report zooms in on 23 emerging and frontier markets, with a considerable business potential and a Danish embassy. The main development sectors explored in the report are matched with Danish strongholds such as water, energy, food, cities and circular economy – sectors where there are large needs and increasing demand.

Read the full report here