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Danida Green Business Partnerships


Danida Green Business Partnerships (DGBP) is a challenge fund designed to promote market-driven green transition and inclusive economic growth in developing countries in line with the Danish Strategy for Development Cooperation The World We Share. It is the ambition that much more of the Danish development assistance should be targeted at addressing climate change issues and protect nature and the environment. This ambition is reflected in the DGBP programme, and at least 80% of the financing provided by DGBP is aimed at contributing to climate and environmental objectives.

Once a year DGBP is open for applications from commercially oriented multistakeholder partnerships. DGBP brings commercial- and non-commercial actors together in solid partnerships to promote sustainable green commercial solutions to challenges related to climate change and environmental degradation which at the same time promote economic development and job creation. A DGBP project will promote both commercial and development objectives.

The DGBP programme draws on lessons learnt from DMDP, where a total of 36 projects have been approved of which 33 are still under implementation, creating jobs and income opportunities in Danida’s partner countries. DGBP complements other Danish bilateral and multilateral engagements through close collaboration with the Danish Embassies, Trade Councils and Strategic Sector Cooperation programmes.

The primary long-term objective of DGBP is to enhance global green transition and private-led inclusive economic growth through innovative partnerships. By combining competencies and commercial drive from the private sector with project management and administrative skills from the non-commercial world, DGBP will be promoting sustainable green solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the 33 developing countries included in the fund.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The UN SDGs are an important framework for development work. A DGBP project should actively address several of the SDG goals and demonstrate progress through regular measuring and reporting.  SDG 1, 8, 12, 13 and 17 are central to the DGBP programme, suggested partnerships can however go beyond these goals and/or address other goals.

Responsible Business Conduct is highly valued in the DGBP programme. Partnerships are required to conduct initial and continuous screenings of all stakeholders involved using existing and internationally recognized frameworks.

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Please be informed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has engaged Nordic Consulting Group to handle the day-to-day management of the Danida Green Business Partnerships, DGBP, as well as the now closed program activities under Danida Market Development Partnerships. A dedicated website for DGBP and DMDP has been established, which contain information and updates about the programme, guidelines and actual launching dates for new applications. Please visit the website of the joint Program Secretariat by accessing this link.

Please address any questions regarding DGBP to the DGBP Secretariat which can be reached at [email protected]


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