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Dynamic partnerships in a changing world

We will focus our efforts in areas where we can do more for more people and where the needs are greatest. In areas where we can best promote justice, sustainability, safety and resilience and create equality and hope. And in areas where we have significant interests at stake.

When we involve ourselves, we do so with a long-term perspective from the outset. However, we will be ready to adapt and reduce or strengthen our involvement in accordance with the changing developments and needs. It means that the depth and nature of the partnerships in the individual countries are dynamic and can change over time. And it means that countries and partners might drop out and new countries  might join. We react and act in relation to our partnerships, for example if the terms and conditions are not observed, or if new opportunities and needs arise.


In countries with expanded partnerships, we will have a particularly close bilateral partnership, in which all our development policy instruments can be utilised. In such countries, we will implement a comprehensive development programme, engaging with a number of relevant stakeholders and actors across society. We will cooperate closely with the EU, the UN and other multilateral partners operating in the country. And we will tap into the huge pool of knowledge held by Danish authorities and utilise the particular skills and expertise within our civil society and Danish companies.


In countries with targeted partnerships, our involvement may be narrower and focus on specific issues of particular relevance to Danish interests and expertise. It could take the form of targeted civil society support for democracy and human rights or a partnership on innovative solutions to tackle displacement and irregular migration. Or it could involve promoting the green agenda and sustainable development in key growth economies, where Denmark is well-positioned to contribute with knowledge, expertise and experience.


A number of policy challenges are transnational in nature. Therefore, we also apply a regional perspective and bring regional instruments into play. Coherence and flexibility, for which we have received praise, will be a common thread in our activities.