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2013.01 Evaluation of Danish Support to Civil Society

In 2008 an updated version of Danida’s "Strategy for Danish Support to Civil Society in developing Countries" was launched, with the overarching objective of contributing to the development of a strong, independent and diversified civil society in developing countries. The Strategy includes nine strategic goals which guide the scope and type of Danish support to promote the overall objective.

When it was launched, it was decided that the implementation of the Strategy should be evaluated in 2012. The overall purpose of the evaluation was to collate lessons learned from the operationalization of the Strategy with a particular focus on results relating to: Strategic Goal 1 (Promotion of a vibrant and open debate nationally and internationally), Strategic Goal 2 (Promotion of a representative, legitimate and locally based civil society) and Strategic Goal 3 - Promotion of capacity development, advocacy work and networking opportunities.

The evaluation documents what has worked well and less well in the achievements of results using both qualitative and quantitative data. This includes a particular focus on the experience with different modalities used to support civil society in the South, including an analysis of the relevance of these. It is based on a combination of studies and country visits to Uganda and Nepal, desk studies of civil society support to Tanzania and Somalia and interviews with key informants in Denmark and in the South complemented by an electronic questionnaire survey distributed to approximately 1,000 civil society partner organisations in 11 countries in the South (resulting in 273 replies that could be used).

The evaluation is forward-looking in nature and provides recommendations for future support to civil society in the South. Recommendations are directed to Danida, the Danish NGO community and other implementing partners.

Additional Annexes (only available online):

N.B. The informal background working papers are not intended as complete or polished reports, but as notes primarily for use by the consulting to feed into this report.


Evaluation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Danida, Denmark