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Danish Arab Partnership Programme

The Danish-Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP) is Denmark’s collaboration programme with the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). DAPP aims at supporting human rights and employment for young people in the MENA region.

The Danish-Arab Partnership Programme 2022-2027

Since 2003, Denmark has worked with partner organisations in the MENA region as part of the general Danish foreign and development policy. A new phase of DAPP was launched in 2022 and continues until 2027 in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan. Building on previous programme phases, Danish organisations with expertise in human rights and job creation cooperate with organisations in the four countries and in the region.

An overall focus on youth

Youth unemployment and exclusion is a major concern in the MENA region, where two thirds of the population are under the age of 30. In some countries, one out of three young people are unemployed. The new phase of DAPP focuses on supporting better lives for young people through job creation, basic rights and civic engagement.

Eight areas of action

The new DAPP-phase consists of eight areas of action falling under two pillars:


Human Rights and Inclusion

  • Strengthening human rights among duty bearers and rights holders
  • Gender equality
  • Free and diverse media
  • Prevention of violence and torture

The Human rights and inclusion pillar consists of a consortium led by DIGNITY with the Danish Institute for Human Rights, International Media Support and KVINFO as the Danish partner organisations.


Employment and Entrepreneurship

  • Youth inclusion, engagement and life skills
  • Enabling and accelerating start-ups
  • Accelerating growth and employment in enterprises
  • Labour market conditions

The Employment and Entrepreneurship pillar consists of a consortium led by PlanBørnefonden with MS ActionAid, GAME and the Danish Chamber of Commerce as the Danish partner organisations.

In addition, UNDP Nordic is leading a Green Growth and Jobs Accelerator Project as a part of the employment and entrepreneurship pillar.

Moreover, DAPP continues its support to the Danish-Egyptian Dialog Initiative (DEDI).

Read more about the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme in the Strategic Framework Document here or on

Photo: Sine Stenbek Andersen. The photo is from KVINFO's partnership project in Morocco. The project facilities dialogue and exchange between students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - The School of Design and female, Moroccan craftsmen. (