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Export documents

How to obtain the document
Contact the relevant authority to obtain the document with a physical/wet signature.
Generally speaking there are two types of document that a private company may need to have legalised:

  • Documents pertaining of goods
  • Other company documents

Documents directly related to the export of goods are not covered by the Apostille Convention. Therefore, these documents can be legalised without any cost using a different stamp instead of the usual apostille.

The following documents can be legalised for free if they are issued by a chamber of commerce or another relevant authority:

  • Certificates of Origin
  •  Free Sale Certificates
  • Health Certificates
  • Export Licenses

In addition, the following documents can be legalised free of charge if they are issued by the private company itself and have been stamped and signed by the relevant chamber of commerce:

  • Commercial invoices
  • Packing lists

Documents that are not mentioned in the above list, such as articles of association, board resolutions and powers of attorney can only be legalised with an apostille. For more information you can click here.