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Legalisation of Danish documents

Find the webshop here.

After making a purchase, you have two options:

  • Personally go to the Legalisation Office during the opening hours. Submit the original document and wait for it to be legalised.
  • Send the original document by post. Make sure to enclose the receipt from the webshop.

Once the document is legalised, we will send it back to you using the delivery method you selected.

Please note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not responsible for the shipment.


Questions and guidance

If you have any questions regarding the legalisation process, you can start a chat with our chatbot click here to start the chatbot.

You can also refer to our webshop guide by clicking here.


Please note:

For a document to be legalised, it needs to be signed by a Danish public authority using either a physical wet/signature or a digital signature. We do not accept scanned or copied signatures.

  • If the document is digitally signed by a Danish public authority, you need to upload it directly on the webshop during the purchase.
  • Currently, digital signatures are only available for criminal records, transcripts from the Danish Business Authorities, documents from the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs, digitally student diplomas (STX, HHX or HTX after 2004) from the Ministry of Children and Education and certificates from the Danish Maritime Authority.
  • A digital document does not necessarily have a digital signature. You need to request a document with a digital signature from the relevant authority yourself.
  • To check if a document has been digitally signed by a Danish public authority, open it as a PDF file. If a blue bar appears at the top of the document, it means it has a digital signature. Digitally signed documents must be uploaded directly from e-Boks to the webshop.


Documents which we have not been able to legalise, or which have not been collected or could not be sent off due to lack of postage, will be shredded three months after receipt here in the Legalisation.


The Legalisation Office is open for personal attendance all weekdays from 9-12. Tuesday and Thursday also from 13.30-15.30.

You can find the webshop here.

Once you have made a purchase in the webshop, you have the following options:

  • Personally attend The Legalisation office during the opening hours and hand in the original document. The document will be legalised while you wait.
  • Send the document by post. Please remember to enclose the receipt from the webshop.

Documents received by post will be returned to you within 5-7 working days, counting from the day we receive the document. Be aware that the processing time during busy periods may be longer. 

Please note: Physical documents can only be legalised if they contain a physical/wet signature by an official Danish authority or a digital signature. We only accept original documents containing the mentioned types of signatures. A scanned specimen or a copy will not be accepted.  

Documents digitally signed by a public Danish authority need to be uploaded directly to our webshop in connection with the purchase.

In most cases, documents received in e-Boks are without a digital signature. Please be aware of this and remember to request the document with a digital signature from the relevant authority.

In order to verify whether your document is digitally signed or not, please open the concerned document via your pdf-reader, if a blue bar appears on the top part of the document, it means that the document contains a digital signature.


  • The fee for an Apostille/legalisation is DKK 230 per document.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday:  09.00–12.00
Also Tuesday and Thursday: 13.30–15.30

An appointment is not needed.

The Legalisation reserves the right to reject requests for legalisation that are expected to last beyond our opening hours.

Telephone hours

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 13.00-14.00
Telephone: +45 3392 1233

Closing days 2024

  • 28  March - 01 April
  • 09 May
  • 20 May
  • 05 June
  • 24 - 31 December (+ 01 January 2025)

Contact information:

Asiatisk Plads 2
DK-1448 Copenhagen K


For questions regarding the legalisation process, please click here to use our chatbot


[email protected]

How to find us

Walk past the reception of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (A) towards the harbour and turn left. 

The Legalisation Office (B) is located round the corner facing the harbour.


For the location of the Legalisation Office, click here.