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Since 1998, the European Commission has financed Twinning projects for institution building in EU acceding or candidate countries as well as in other EU neighbour countries. The aim is to strengthen the Beneficiary Countries’ capacity to implement EU rules and regulations at the national level – or to assist them in approaching Western standards in general.
A Twinning project takes form as concrete, practical cooperation between a public sector institution in the Beneficiary Country and the corresponding institution in a EU Member State. It is a mutually binding partnership between equal partners where the Member State’s hands-on experience in a EU-related field is transmitted for use in the Beneficiary Country. As part of the cooperation an experienced civil servant is seconded to work in the receiving institution. Read more about EU twinning on the Commission’s website here.
The National Contact Point for Twinning in Denmark is located in the Department for European Neighbourhood and Russia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. The office provides information about Twinning projects and advice on the principles and guidelines for Twinning. The office also facilitates contact to Danish institutions for institutions in other Member States wanting to establish a joint proposal for a specific Twinning project.
The National Contact Point for Denmark can be reached at [email protected] or on tel. +45 3392 1836 or +45 3392 1831.


[email protected]      
tlf. 33 92 18 52